Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vodunius Nuccius/Nuccius's Cursed Ring(Seyda Neen)

Find Vodunius Nuccius Wandering around Seyda Neen and ask him a little advice.
He will send you to talk to Darvame hleran over at the Strider Port to tell Darvame Hleran that he sent you.
The strider port is on the West side of Seyda Neen. Darvame hleran will tell you that Vodunius Nuccius sends buisness his way and hes not happy here in town.
Return to Vodunius Nuccius and he offers you Nuccius's cursed ring for 100 gold thats cursed but helps you run faster.
Nuccius's Cursed ring:
Weight .01
Value 100
Cast when used:
damage health 10 pts. on self
Fortify athletics 5 pts. for 60 seconds
Charge 95/95

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