Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Caius Cosades Package (Main quest)

Right from the start you get The first part of the main quest. Some people sold the package not knowing what it was but if you did you can buy it back if you can find out were you sold it.
When you turn in your release papers to Sellos Gravuius ask click on Marrowind and then dutties. He will give you directions to Caius Cosades house in Balmora, package for Caius Cosades, and 87 gold.
So to deliver the package you can head north on foot or travel with slite rider for 14 gold.
Once in Balmora go East across the bridge then to the north east corner. Enter Caius Cosades house and deliver the package.
You will have to hit orders twice to get the first quest.
He will let you join the blades and give you 200 gold.

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