Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Recover Some Gold/Finding Hiding Place(Seyda Neen)

Go to arrille's trade house in Seyda Neen. Its on the North West center just below the bridge, and you have to go arround the building to the back door.
Go up the stairs and talk to Hrisska Flat-Foot and recover some gold. He'll explain his run of bad luck And how Forgoth is holding out on him. Then go to Fargoths hiding place. Here he will explain how Fargoth is holding out on him and ask you to help recover some gold. Hit I'll do that and he'll explain too watch from the light house at night to see were Fargoth is going.
From here exit the trade house and go straight south to the lighthouse. Enter the light house and go up the stairs to the top and exit to the roof. Know go to the North corner and wait until 12 PM( You can do this with the black button).
Know watch north down on the village, until you see Forgoth wandering around with a torch. his last stop is were you are looking for in the swamp looking pond. After he leaves go down to the swampy green pond and there is a Hollow Tree stump in the middle.

Hollow Tree Stump Holds:
>Engraved ring of healing(If you did the Engraved Ring Of Healing quest)
>Journey Man's Lock pick
>300 gold

Know you have a choice to keep the gold or return it to Hrisskar Flat-Foot.
If youy return it Hrissar takes the 300 gold and gives you a hundred and likes you 40 pts. more.

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