Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smuglers in Addomasartus Cave (Seyda Neen)

If you talk to Elda Fire who is wandering around the town of Seyda Neen and ask her little advice, she will tell you of smuglers in Addamasartus cave near the silt strider port.
So head North West of the silt strider port just out of town and you will find a door just inside the biter coast region to Addomasartus cave.
Be prepared this is a little tougher if you haven't got much experience yet because you need to fight three different smugglers.
The reward is experience and all the things you get.
In the water is a rising force potion and if you go up to the upper level hidden in the first patch of mushrooms are a pauldron(Armor 6 Light), a thief ring(magic), and in the second patch of mushrooms is a second pauldron(Armor 6 light).

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