Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hasphat Anta Bolis Quest (main)

From Caius Casades house go west over the bridge up the hill past the alley then turn left and the fighters guild (Balmora) is the second door on the left.
Husphat Antabolis is in the room down the stairs at the end of the hall last door.
He asks for a favor, to go to the Dwemer ruins called Arkngthand and find a Dwemer puzzle box.
To get to Arkngthand go to the south west gate of ballmora near the slit rider port and follow the path over the two bridges. Keep heading East until you reach the three way sign. Take the North path toward Caldera. Just up ahead there is a split in the foar take the right path up hill to a bridge.
Be prepared to fight the guy on the bridge.
After the bridge go south-east and just up ahead is Arkngthand.
In order to open the door there is a pipe on the on the path directly north of the door, with a crank.
After you enter on the right there is a path leading down two levels wher thee are two characters you will have to deal with.
In the center of the room is a path leeding up to the second level and a door on the right.
Enter and fight the third character, and the Dwemer Puzzle box is on the right lower shelve.
Return the Dwemer Box to Hashat Anta Bolis and ask marrowind history, and sixth house, Then return to Caius Casades for more orders.

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