Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Processus Vitellius (Seyda Neen)

Straight East from the Northern part of Seyda Neen just into the Bittercoast region you will find the body of Processus Vitellius. He'll have some tax records and 200 gold on him. As soon as you take these your journal will be updated .
Ask any one in town and they will tell you to talk to Socucious Ergallairi at the Census a Exice office.
Go to the Census and Exise oddice on the East side of Sydia Neen and through to the second building.
Teell Sacucius Eagalla about the murder of Processus Vitellius.He will ask about the 200 drakes go ahead and give it to him because he offers to give you 500 for finding and punishing the murderer.
Leave the same way you came in and ask any one in town about the murder of Processus Vitellius, and they will tell you he was friends with Thavere over at the light house.
So head to the light house (south west corner of Seyda Neen) and talk to Avere Venrano about the murder of Processus Vitellius. She will have clsimed to have seen him arguing with Foryn Gilnith about his taxes and ask about a ring.
So head out of the light house north to Foryn Gilniths house.
Enter the house and ask Foryn Gilnith about the murder and he will confess but claim that the tax collector deserved it.
Her you have two options:
/I believe what you say. I'll say nothing to the authorities
/Sorry, that is no excuse for murder, and your punishment has been decide.

If you decide you believe he gives you Processu Vitellius' ring worth 240 gold that you can return to Thavere vaedran at the light house for 2 health potions worth 35 each.

If you choose sorry that's no excuse for murder he will start to do battle with you and you will have to kill him. so you get the ring and all he is carrying on him plus all the stuff in his house and get to report back to Socucius Ergalla for the 500 gold reward. And you still have the choice to return the ring to Thavere Verano for the 2 restore health potions 35 gold each or keep the ring(Worth 240 gold) for what ever.

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