Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Engraved Ring Of Healing(Seyda Neen)

At the beginning of the game when you are going between the census and excise office's there is a barrel that has a engraved ring of healing. Grab it and go through to turn in your release papers to Sellus Gravius(talk to him for main quest). Leave the office and go find Fagoth, he should be wandering somewhere near by.
Talk to Fargoth About Ring and he will tell you that he thinks a guard took his engraved ring of healing durring a shake down and ask if you found it. Go ahead and answer yes( Don't woory the next quest you can get it back). He will thank you and like you 50 pts more, also he will tell his friend so the Seyda Neen trade house Arrille will allso like you 40 pts more( which is good for trading with him).

If you allready did Rocover Some Gold/Find Fargoth's Hiding Place this quest wont work.

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